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Is Cheaper Better? The most commen mistake people make who rent limousines is the quest for the cheapest price. Remember to ask  for pictures if you cannot personally make it to see the limo.Compare Apples to Apples NOT Apples to Oranges .Look for BBB,Limo Associations,Testimonilas etc.  Twilight Limousine differs from other limousine companies in a few different ways. Our Limousines are kept in a huge garage, we purchase the best tires,best parts,we have  our own mechanic for best maintenance, which keeps them in top running condition. .Our Limousine are showroom condition they are washed & detailed before every event which is especially important on your wedding day.Our Chauffeurs are always in a Tuxedo and are trained to be very professional.Our limousines are tracked buy GPS to make sure they are on time. We always provide Free ice and water for your convenience. We are not your average limousine company! The cost  of limousines and running a limousine company is huge. We always do preventive maintenance where other limo companies do not,if you think that does not matter your wrong  How about limo breaking down on your wedding day or night out, because no one looked under the hood to see a potential problem. The old saying "you get what you pay for" so before you sign on the dotted line I would  do your homework