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Your Wedding Day


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To the Bride and Groom

Let a reliable well established company serve you on the most important day in your life!

Wedding Limousine rental tips from Twilight limousine:  Would you hire the cheapest surgeon? Cheap limo price shopping risks:  Risk 1. Your limo shows up late but you saved 100 dollars. Risk 2.  Your Chauffeur is dressed in Golf shirt and jeans. Risk 3.  A Dirty limo shows up instead of the new one and they say it broke down. Risk 4. Limo is in an accident and the company does not have proper insurance to cover everybody. Risk 5.  You did not get contract stating what limo you rented and they sub it out to another company, yet again you saved 100 dollars and instead of being lavished in luxury, your embarrased Always try to see the limo in person, get signed contract explaining: Year, Make and Model. Always use a company that belongs to Associations like NLA, Local limo Asso, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, etc. If the company does not belong to one of these Associations then BEWARE, there is a good reason why. Hopefully this will help you in choosing the right company for your special day!